Dr. Mzoughi

  Taha Mzoughi

   Professor in Physics Education, Kennesaw State University

Taha Mzoughi is a professor of physics education at the biology and physics department at KSU. He was the recipient of Kennesaw State University's College Science and Math Distinguished Teaching Award for 2012-2014 and a recipient of the 2014 Homer L. Dodge Citation for Distinguished Service to the American Association of Physics Teachers(AAPT ). He was the 2010-2011 president of SACS-AAPT, the Southern Atlantic Coast Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the the 2010-2011 chair of the Educational Technologies Committee of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the Founding Editor of the Physics Source (physicssource.org), the digital library for introductory physics teaching.

At KSU, he coordinated the physics teaching laboratories, the Masters of Arts in Teaching Physics (MAT-P), and of KSU’s Noyce Scholarship Projects.

He teaches general introductory physics courses (PHYS 1111 & PHYS 1112), electronics (PHYS 3340/5340), as well as undergraduate and graduate physics courses for education majors (PHYS 3310, SCI 7727, PHED 6417 and PHED 6475). Links to course Web pages are available here: http://physci.kennesaw.edu/mzoughi/courses.shtm

Mzoughi’s research focuses on studying the effect of using media and information technology to facilitate learning. He also works on helping current and future teachers become better prepared for teaching physics. His work includes developing computer simulations, hands-on activities, and teaching strategies. Links to some of the resources he has developed are available at: Simulations and Simulations & Hands-On Activities for Teachers and Students